Your US CPA in Australia

AustraliaExpat Tax Services for Americans living in Australia

At Universal Tax Professionals we help Americas living anywhere in all Australia.  Whether you are a US Citizen living in Sydney, or a Green Card holder living in Melbourne, or an Australian investing in US Real Estate, we are able to help you with all your US Tax needs.

One common questions that our Australian clients ask us is how to account for their Superannuation on their tax return and FBAR. We have experience dealing with clients with Superannuations and other investment accounts unique to Australians.  In addition, we understand the provision in the US Australia Tax Treaty which will insure that we are able to provide the best possible services.

Most clients working in Australia pay higher tax rates in Australia than they would in the US, and therefore most of our clients living in Australia end up paying little or no US taxes. However, it is important to note that even if a citizen does not owe any taxes to the US, the taxpayer is still legally required to file a US tax returns.

While we do not yet have an office in Australia, we are able to complete all tax return via the internet.  We can either efile clients tax returns, or we are able to send sign copies by mail, which our clients can then send to the IRS themselves.

Email us at if you would like to set up an online meeting with one of our tax experts.