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US UK Tax Treaty

Expat Tax in the UK

The UK is a popular destination for US expats with almost 200,000 US citizens living throughout the UK. And just like any other country, American expats living in the UK are required to file US tax returns.  In addition to a US tax return, US expat living in the UK are required to file an FBAR, or Fincen form 114.

Even London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was born in the US but moved at age 5, can not escape the IRS. He was given notice from the IRS that he owes US taxes, despite living outside the US since he left as a child.  Like many US expats, Boris Johnson found out that there was no way around paying his US tax bill, and eventually paid the US tax authorities and renounced his US citizenship.

Whether you are living London, Manchester, Glasgow, or Liverpool we are able to complete your US taxes and FBARs, and you do not need to leave your home. Due to UK’s tax rates, which are mostly higher than in the US, most of our client pay little or no tax.  We have many clients from all over the UK, and we are familiar with the UK tax system and the US-UK tax treaty which explains tax matter which are unique to US expats living in the UK.

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