“Over my 30-year career, I’ve successfully met every possible tax-preparing challenge for Expats."

As a US expat accountant, I welcome your challenge.

I am very proud to partner with Josh as a co-founder of Universal Tax Professionals.

Born in the U.K., I moved to New York in the early 90’s, where I earned my college degree. I became a CPA and worked in the tax division of a local firm.

Although I eventually left the United States and moved overseas, I continued to serve as an US expat accountant for several large accounting companies through the years.

US Expat Accountant

Asher Zwebner Manager & Co-founder

Contact me for a wide variety of tax needs.

I prepare all types of returns for UTP. My expertise includes preparing:

US Expat Accountant

Need your taxes done quickly? That’s my style!

I’m often told by clients how impressed they are with the speed and accuracy of my work. And, of course, since clients are always right, who am I to argue?

I also take pride in the fact that UTP is transparent about pricing. Once we commit to a price for you, that’s it. You can be assured of no unpleasant surprises later on.

During my off hours…

My wife and I have four incredible children plus six adorable grandchildren. Besides enjoying my time with them, I also love to travel, play chess and even practice Ju-Jitsu!  Any questions? I invite you to contact me directly at Asher@universaltaxprofessionals.com.