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At Universal Tax Professionals, we aim to simplify the complexity of US expat taxes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With a dedicated team of tax professionals, we have streamlined our process to make it easy for you.

Our Process

Email or Call Us
Send us an email, give us a call, or submit a message through our website. We are here to answer your questions and provide guidance on your US expat taxes.

Email or Call Us
Complete Our Questionnaire and Send Your Documents
We will send you our price list, client questionnaire, and a list of documents we need to start the process. You can upload your documents to our secure file-sharing link or you can send them to us via email.
Complete Our Questionnaire and Send Your Documents
Tax Preparation

The preparation process usually takes two-three weeks to complete. Throughout this period, you can contact your tax accountant if you have any questions.

Tax Preparation
Review & Pay

We will send you a draft copy of the return for review. We will make adjustments if necessary. You will only need to pay us once the return is completed. We accept payment online via credit card or via bank transfer.

Review & Pay
You’re Done

Once everything is complete, we will either e-file your return or we will send you a copy to sign and mail to the IRS.

You’re Done

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Our US Expat Tax Services

Tax Planning

Discover clarity in the complexities of US expat taxes through our tax consultations and tax planning services. Our licensed tax professionals can address your questions and concerns and ensure you will owe the least amount possible to the IRS. Our expat tax planning allows you to optimize your tax circumstances now and in the future.

Tax Preparation

Our US expat tax preparation goes beyond filing US expat tax forms. We ensure accurate completion and timely submission of all relevant forms. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, from straightforward situations to complex ones involving international investments, investment properties, foreign corporations, and foreign trust reporting. We maximize potential benefits and ensure US tax law compliance.

Back Taxes

Navigating the Streamlined Amnesty Program can be complicated, but we can help you get caught up to date without owing the IRS additional penalties. Through our personalized services, we will guide you through its complexities, including missed filings, unreported income, or other tax issues. We understand every aspect, from eligibility to submissions, ensuring a seamless and customized experience for your situation

Why Choose Universal Tax Professionals for your
US expat taxes?​

Experienced Tax Professionals

Our team consists of CPA/EA with a deep understanding of international tax laws and regulations. You can rely on our expertise to navigate even the most intricate tax situations.

Real Support

Unlike other companies, our US expat tax services are never outsourced to a third party. Our team will be available to address your questions at every stage of the process.

Transparent Approach

We believe in transparency when it comes to our services and fees. We will send you our detailed pricelist before any engagement.

Data Security

We prioritize the protection of your sensitive information. Proper security measures are enforced to protect your data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Take it from our clients

Discover firsthand experiences from our valued clients. Their testimonials reflect the quality of our expat tax services and our dedication to delivering exceptional results.
Take it from our clients - Universal Tax Professionals