Tax Consultation for US Expats

Whether you are seeking guidance on filing your US taxes, planning to move abroad, or exploring tax strategies to minimize your US tax liabilities, our team can provide valuable tax insights and assistance.

Let our team of international US Tax Accountants help you navigate the complexities of your US tax obligations. Whether you’re an individual or a business, our experts are here to offer tailored guidance and solutions for your unique tax situation.

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3 Steps to Complete Your US Expat Taxes

1. Complete our Tax Questionnaire

We will send you our price list, client questionnaire, and a list of documents we need to start the process. You can upload your documents to our secure file-sharing link, or you can send them to us via email.

2. Tax Preparation and Review

The preparation process usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Throughout this period, you can contact your US expat tax accountant for any questions. After the preparation, we will send you a draft copy of the return for review and make adjustments if necessary. 

3. Pay and You're Done!

You will only need to pay us once the return is completed. Once the invoice is settled, we will either e-file your US tax return or we will send you a copy to sign and mail to the IRS.

Why Choose Universal Tax Professionals?

Don’t just rely on our statements – listen to the feedback of our clients who have personally encountered our dedication and service. These authentic reviews come from the thousands of individuals we have assisted. Our commitment extends beyond preparing your US tax return; we are dedicated to providing exceptional US expat tax service to all Americans living abroad.