2022 FBAR Exchange Rates

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FBAR, or the Foreign Bank Account Report, is a financial document that must be filed annually with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) by U.S. citizens and residents who have financial interests in or signature authority over foreign financial accounts that exceed certain thresholds. The FBAR is used by the U.S. government to detect and prevent money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

One important aspect of the FBAR is the exchange rate used to convert the balances of foreign financial accounts into U.S. dollars.

"The exchange rate used for FBAR reporting is the year-end spot rate."

The year-end spot rate is the rate at which a currency can be exchanged for another on the last day of the calendar year. It is also determined by market forces and is published by various financial institutions and government agencies.

The use of the year-end spot rate for FBAR reporting can have significant implications for U.S. taxpayers. For example, if the value of a foreign currency increases against the U.S. dollar between the time a deposit is made and the end of the year, the deposit will be reported at a higher value on the FBAR, potentially increasing the taxpayer’s tax liability. Similarly, if the value of a foreign currency decreases against the U.S. dollar, the deposit will be reported at a lower value, potentially decreasing the taxpayer’s tax liability.

It is important for U.S. taxpayers with foreign financial accounts to be aware of the FBAR exchange rate and how it may affect their tax liability. Taxpayers should also consult with a tax professional or financial advisor to ensure that they are in compliance with FBAR reporting requirements and to minimize the potential tax implications of their foreign financial accounts.

2022 US Treasury Department Exchange Rates

Country Currency Exchange Rate
Afghanistan Afghani 89.11
Armenia Dram 400
Australia Dollar 1.471
Bahamas Dollar 1
Bolivia Boliviano 6.86
Bosnia Marka 1.83
Brazil Real 5.286
Bulgaria Lev New 1.83
Cambodia Riel 4051
Canada Dollar 1.354
Chile Peso 851.5
China Renminbi 6.897
Colombia Peso 4845.83
Costa Rica Colon 591.36
Czech. Republic Koruna 22.102
Denmark Krone 6.959
Ecuador Dolares 1
Hong Kong Dollar 7.797
Hungary Forint 374.63
Iceland Krona 141.61
India Rupee 82.599
Iran Rial 42000
Israel Shekel 3.518
Japan Yen 131.83
Jordan Dinar 0.708
Kenya Shilling 123.25
Korea Won 1252.61
Lebanon Pound 1500
Malaysia Ringgit 4.4
Mexico Peso 19.546
Morocco Dirham 10.48
New Zealand Dollar 1.575
Norway Krone 9.831
Poland Zloty 4.38
Qatar Riyal 3.64
Romania New Leu 4.627
Russia Ruble 71.481
Saudi Arabia Riyal 3.75
Singapore Dollar 1.34
Sweden Krona 10.386
Switzerland Franc 0.923
Taiwan Dollar 30.648
Thailand Baht 34.52
Turkey New Lira 18.711
United Arab Emirates Dirham 3.673
United Kingdom Pound 0.83

For the full list, please refer to this link: https://fiscaldata.treasury.gov/datasets/treasury-reporting-rates-exchange/treasury-reporting-rates-of-exchange.

The deadline to file for the 2022 FBAR is on April 18th, which is the same due date as the US federal income tax return for most US taxpayers if they are not residing abroad. If you cannot meet that deadline, there is an automatic extension allowing tax filers to submit their FBARs until October 16th.

If you need help with your US tax return or FBAR, feel free to contact us at info@universaltaxprofessionals.com.